Welcome to The Feast 2019!

This year’s Feast is an invitation into an entirely different experience. We will be meeting in over 30 homes across the city offering a place of warmth and family to our friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. While the venue will change, the mission will not. We will still be sharing a meal and a vision for bringing a little taste of heaven to earth. Sign up below to pick a home and a night to enjoy this meal that will lead to hundreds more epic Thanksgiving meals.

Feast Servers Needed

This year serving at the Feast will look a little different. We need people who will pick up the food and deliver to the families hosting Feast dinners on Thursday and Friday. If you are willing to be a delivery servant one evening please let us know.

Feast Shopping List

Want to get started on your shopping list early? Here are the items that are included in each bag this year. Please note that this list is a bit different from previous years' lists:

Donate Turkey Dollars

Typically each year we ask for gift cards to purchase the turkeys. However we are not going to be asking those we invite into our homes to bring gift cards. Instead, we are asking for Red Doorians to donate towards buying the turkeys in bulk this year.